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CONCAUSA reaffirmed commitment

Young people


Looking for meet the 2030 Agenda and 17 objectives of sustainable development in their 3rd. version, the program Concausa forward stronger than ever in the development of proposals for the improvement of child poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This initiative, organized by America solidarity, CEPAL and UNICEF, working from its offices in multiple efforts to find and strengthen youth leadership in the region, through actions that are increasingly mobilizing for a common horizon as the sustainable development of our planet.

The organization stressed that "young people represent more than one quarter of the total world population and therefore have a huge potential benefit to their societies in the social, political and economic." Our goal is that everyone has secured their right to survive, thrive and achieve their full potential in their environment".

This year the Concausa ended with young new 2118 who joined the Concausa 2030 generation and 706 proposals.