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The food bank of Buenos Aires

A project that reaches more than 103,000 people per day


The Food Bank of Buenos Aires made its first delivery of food in April 2001. Between all these years , it managed to distribute more than 39,670,500 kg of food. In 2016 (until november)we deliver 4,042,112 kilos of food.

We reach more than 103.000 people per day, 80% of which are children and adolescents. We do it through 799 social organizations located in Buenos Aires City and Gran Buenos Aires. During 2016 we received through HelpArgentina (PILAS) the amount of USD 21,000.

These funds were used to gather food once a week and to deliver recovered food another day during 10,4 months.

During 2016, with the truck it was able to gather food from donor companies and deliver it to the most vulnerable community based organizations that can´t afford the cost of a freight to pick up food from our warehouse.

Due to excellent results of the grant, Banco de Alimentos was able to guarantee 90 organizations the delivery of food without cost. We notice the need of increasing the days of deliver and expand our food distribution program .

For many organizations it is impossible to reach our warehouse, they still need Banco de Alimentos ´s free Delivery program.